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April 27, 2018

What are the most common mistakes of new programmers? Can everything be automated? Are “smart buildings” the future? Weekend Readings knows!
Bartosz Cłapa
The Mistakes of a New Programmer
The most common mistakes of beginning programmers and how to avoid them.
An Intro to Backend Development
A roadmap for becoming a backend developer in 2018.
New Concepts in Distributed Architecture
Concepts you should consider while building a system with distributed architecture – based on the Uber payment system.

Paweł Mitruś
You Can’t Automate Everything
Tesla confirms that you can’t! The results they achieved are lower than they expected, since there are still tasks that can be accomplished only by qualified human employees.
AI in Buildings?
Here you can find a few solid examples of how AI affects buildings and the industries that focus around them.
Code Review Best Practices
If you thought that a broad knowledge about programming is everything you need for code review, you’re wrong! There are other things that matter, check this article out and ask yourself if you’ve done it correctly!