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Piotr Towarek

Data Division Director

Our data divisions help customers take their organizations to the next level by transforming data into information and information into insight, delivering solutions for the integration and analysis of massive volumes of data.

Data-driven organizations are able to make decisions based on intuitive data platforms, up-to-the-minute reporting and modern analytics. Our data divisions help customers take their organizations to the next level by transforming data into information and information into knowledge by building awareness of the volume of data stored by our customers and the power of its integration and analysis. ITMAGINATION has one of the most experienced data analytics teams in Central Europe, and we have an outstanding track record of helping enterprise clients become data-driven organizations.

Our Data Capabilities include the following systems and services:

Reliable data analysis and reporting will guide you to faster and more consistent growth, but they require delivery and support from an experienced partner. That’s where ITMAGINATION comes in. We help companies gain market share and increase profitability by successfully applying data management and analytics to real-life scenarios. We implement data management and analytics mainly on cloud platforms using Microsoft, Google, AWS, Oracle and open source technologies. Reporting in our solutions is done using self-service tools that allow business users to be independent from IT departments.

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Many companies collect and manage data with no plan in mind, resulting in little or no competitive advantage. The complexity and diversity of the data makes it difficult to convert into approachable and understandable cases. ITMAGINATION offers a wide range of data science products and services that focus on segmentation, predictive analytics, classification, computer vision, and text mining. Our solutions are distinguished by our individual approach and a deep understanding of the information value of the data. Our mission is simple – to help companies monetize the insights coming from their data.

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Growing your business is impossible without the ability to analyze your customer base, the current market conditions, and operational processes. Big Data solutions give you access to an enormous amount of unique data and analysis in the search for the greatest business value. ITMAGINATION builds modern data ingestion solutions which collect data, data platforms precisely tailored for your needs and analytical modules with state of the art capabilities. With the tools we provide, you can obtain the best possible information about your organization, your clients, and the market.

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Whether you’re on the frontier of technological innovation or you’re growing your landscape of IT systems, the act of processing your data is constantly in flux. True value comes from meeting the challenge of maintaining the consistency and quality of data in brand new systems built on legacy solutions that are often acquired in merger processes. At ITMAGINATION, we migrate data with great attention to quality and consistency. We integrate system architecture based on a variety of technology platforms, while helping you manage post-merger integration and internal restructuring projects. Our experienced team utilizes our proprietary tool CLIO to give the best possible quality and assurance of proper data movement and integration.

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