Digital transformation has become the new reality in energy companies. The increased importance of the customer experience, distributed generation, and home energy storage solutions, when combined with the e-mobility revolution, have successfully disrupted the energy market.

ITMAGINATION is a trusted partner in digital transformation for some of the world’s largest energy and utilities companies. We bring years of experience delivering leading-edge technology and the deep domain knowledge of our subject matter experts to the table.

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We have supported energy companies in strategic projects that have redefined not just processes, but entire IT landscapes. We have experience of working in complex architectures and facing the challenges brought by digital transformation. We can provide professional services to energy and utility companies in the areas of:

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Case Study

Polska Grupa Energetyczna logo

Who are they?

The PGE Capital Group is the largest enterprise in the power engineering sector in Poland, both in terms of revenues and in generated profit. Thanks to the combination of its own fuel and energy generation resources and the possession of distribution networks, PGE guarantees a safe and stable electricity supply to over five million customers.

The Challenge:

PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. needed a data warehouse solution that would enable them to create thousands of reports across multiple business areas. The delivered platform had to unify multiple data sources while satisfying all the demands and requests from a diverse array of departments.

The Solution:

ITMAGINATION built a platform that provides solution support and maintenance for 50 markets, as well as architecture and design, Cloud migration, solution development, and product line integration. Our team also delivers EDI, distributor, and market data integration, mobile applications for quick offer presentations, “perfect store” scoring implementation in specific markets, and specialist outsourcing on SAP BW, QlikView, and other leading-edge technologies.

The Results:

Merchandising and sales activities are now more efficient, and both short-term (promotional) and long-term (strategic) marketing activities have improved. The MBO process is faster and more reliable, while supporting different market SFA applications is also much more affordable and efficient.

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