When a truly digital banking option becomes reality, customer adoption will move at a rapid pace and industry players who are late to the “digital party” will be left behind. With a strong track record of implementing innovative projects based on leading-edge technologies across multiple industries, ITMAGINATION stands ready to help your bank create a 100% customer-aligned digital culture.

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The next few years will be pivotal ones for the financial services industry. Technology is no longer just for IT, and younger customers, with their new attitude toward technology, have a stronger voice with each passing year. Our solution to these challenges involves taking every business process completely digital, and we’ve identified four pillars that are central to this strategy:

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BNP Data Archiving
Case Study

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Who are they?

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. is a key member of the BNP Paribas international banking group. The bank offers savings and investment products as well as a wide range of loans, while providing businesses (micro, SMEs and corporations) with solutions for financing.

The Challenge:

The bank needed a bespoke system for data archiving and system decommissioning after data migration. It was a critical task for them, as business needs and legal regulations require that data from decommissioned systems be available at a moment’s notice.

The Solution:

We archived the data with the use of CLIO, our dedicated platform for data integration, migration, governance, reporting, and analytics. We also built a dedicated archive tool that made data from some decommissioned systems available in perpetuity. What’s more, our team continues to work around the clock to support the maintenance and extension of the implemented solutions.

The Results:

BNP can rest easy knowing that their legal obligations and business needs are covered – thanks to our solutions, all their data from decommissioned systems is available for audit, claims, court proceedings, and prosecutions.

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