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July 6, 2018

Have you heard about constructor injection? Do you know how to create NuGet packages? Is motivation necessary to have a productive day? Find all the answers here in Weekend Readings!

Piotr Piękos
Neural scene representation and rendering
Google DeepMind taught a neural network to understand the 3rd dimension from 2-dimensional pictures. Learn about the new concept of Generative Query Network
Intuitively Understanding Convolutions for Deep Learning
Convolutions are basic building blocks of CNNs used in all tasks related to computer vision. They are explained in an intuitive way to understand what the network sees and how it learns to see it
There's no such thing as motivation
Is motivation necessary to have a productive day? What if you don't feel like doing something but you need to get it done? The article proposes that the key lies somewhere else

Bartosz Cłapa
Injecting Services to ASP.NET Core Controller Actions
Have you heard about constructor injection? In ASP.NET Core you can do controller action injection
How to Create and Publish NuGet Packages Using .NET Core CLI
It's 100% sure that you use NuGet packages. Get to know how to create them on your own
Debugging Node Code in VS Code
If you’re playing with NodeJS you may want to debug your code. Here’s the instruction
Web developer security checklist
Basic checklist you should use to provide security for your web application