Innovation as a Service

Think of Innovation as a Service as working in an agile “Startup Mode” – but without being or buying a startup. By doing so, you give your employees and your customers the best of both worlds – the freedom to break down barriers and think outside the box, but in a stable environment that’s supported by ITMAGINATION’s proven processes and experience.

Innovation as a Service - ITMAGINATION

Innovation is a creative idea developed into an even greater products, services or processes to make a meaningful impact in the market or society.

Invite ITMAGINATION’s Innovation as a Service to your company to help you generate ideas, transform them into actual working products and accelerate your business.

Marcin Dąbrowski

Chief Innovation Officer

Innovation as a Service - ITMAGINATION

Large institutions are conservative by nature.

They tend to:

Meanwhile, innovations:

In ITMAGINATION’s Innovation as a Service model we will guide you through 4 steps process that draws from Design Thinking methodology:

1. Innovation Strategy

2. Innovation Discovery

3. Innovation Roadmap

4. Innovation Factory

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