April 14, 2018

Should we be grateful for Internet Explorer? How are chatbots and AI changing human resources? Does anyone believe that Stack Overflow is 10 years old already? You have questions, we have answers!

Bartosz Cłapa

A Decade of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow will be 10 years old soon. The founder and now CEO reminiscences about the days before the SO era and how it all got started.

If/Else Refactoring

Branching can make your code very unclear and difficult to read. Tim Oxley provides small guide on how to handle it.

The Innovations of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer support in specifications often causes gooseflesh on people who do front end jobs. However, the web would not exist as we know it today without our “beloved” IE and its changes.

Paweł Mitruś

Chatbots, AI, and HR

Chatbots and AI are becoming critical tools in the fields of HR and recruitment. This article takes you into the details!

Back to the Roots

Literally – see how much you remember from school if you stopped getting into data structures on a very basic level.

The Best of Machine Learning

Here you have a good summary of the highest-ranked machine learning articles from February 2018. Maybe you have already seen a few of them, but I’m sure there’s something in here you have missed! Enjoy!