No more copying customer documents

Is this the end of manual copying of ID documents in banks? Digital onboarding comes into play! It will protect customer data against leakage - says Marzena Sokołowska for BrandsIT, a website dedicated to IT in business.

Success written in code

From a small IT company established by three developers to 450 specialists and international projects for banks, pharmaceutical and automotive companies from around the world. Discover the ITMAGINATION path from the company's founders for a special issue of Puls Biznesu, PB Weekend.

Winning streak of Polish startups worldwide

ITMAGINATION developed for the Royal Belgian Football Association an advanced IT system that will help coaches to create and implement effective tactics for players. The application facilitates exchange of knowledge between trainers and sharing information with footballers. Michał Sarna, Software Team Manager, tells Rzeczpospolita about the project!

AI to reduce shopping queues

An end to queuing, with less customer irritation and employee stress, along with greater loyalty and higher sales turnover. This is what the store of the near future could be like, according to ITMAGINATION, which has developed a system that analyses real-time traffic and in-store queues. Łukasz Dylewski, Head of the Data Science, explains it on

Artificial Intelligence can help to transform the in-store retail experience

Stores without queues, happier customers, promotions that sell out and just the right number of staff … Could this be the way retail stores operate in the future? Łukasz Dylewski, Head of the Data Science team at ITMAGINATION, explains it for Rzeczpospolita, Polish leading economic daily.

ITMAGINATION announces 2018 results – revenue of nearly 100 million PLN, international growth a key driver

In 2018, ITMAGINATION generated revenues of 92 million Polish zloty (approximately 24.5 million USD), an increase of almost 20% on the previous year. For this same period, the Polish software house recorded post-tax profits of almost 4.9 million PLN (over 1.3 million USD). Approximately half of the revenue generated in 2018 came from projects delivered for clients outside of Poland, claims Daniel Arak, co-founder and board member of ITMAGINATION on

Data science and AI will save banks from sanctions

Banks have a duty to assess the risk of cooperation with customers and contracting parties and to screen all operations carried out by customers for any illegal transactions, financing of crime, terrorism or money laundering. In industry jargon, this field of banking risk management is called AML. A financial institution may pay dearly for failing to fulfil its obligations in this area, says Adam J. Kępa, VP and Head of Growth at ITMAGINATION on

Multi-cloud. What is it? And why does every company need it?

Cloud has become the norm. Most companies these days have embraced at least some aspects of the public cloud as part of their overall business and technology strategy. Marcin Dąbrowski, CIO at ITMAGINATION, talks on Multi-cloud on

Deferred payments in our smartphones

Every year, Poles are more and more willing to borrow money "in installments". Marzena Sokołowska and Adam J. Kępa talk on the growing popularity of deferred payments and “Pay later” model on - the BANK monthly website.

It’s time for micro-personalization of the offer in banks

Quick decision on granting credit, assistance in planning expenses, individual promotions and discounts offered during a visit in a shopping mall - such a micro-personalization can be provided by behavioral analytics, using big data and AI. Adam Kępa, Head of Growth, talks on the newest innovations on – the „Gazeta Bankowa” Polish monthly website.

Innovation as a service?

What can be a competitive advantage in the digital revolution era? Find out more about "Innovation as a Service" in an interview with Marcin Dąbrowski, CIO, for

PWA – game changer for mobile commerce?

Thanks to PWA technology, Tinder reduced application load time by more than half, and Pinterest increased advertising revenue by 44%. Marcin Dąbrowski, Chief Innovation Officer, talks on the best PWA benefits on – Polish business website.

Digital weapon against fraudsters

In the age of digital banking, there will be less and less room for illegal operations involving money laundering and violation of international law. Adam J. Kępa, VP and Head of Growth at ITMAGINATION, talks on the best KYC and AML solutions for banks on

Banks are preparing to counter the attack

A wide range of data about clients, technological giants have, is sometimes called the weapon of mass destruction. What will its detonation mean for Polish banks? Adam J. Kępa, VP, Head of Growth at ITMAGINATION, shares his opinion with “Parkiet” – Polish leading investors’ daily.

Are Polish companies ready for agile?

Agile methodology is becoming the project management standard for companies around the world, including Poland. Today, agile, beside the IT sector, is also adopted in the telecommunications, advertising, financial and industrial sectors. Read more on – one of the leading Polish human resources portal.

Three key challenges for banks after PSD2

Banks in EU have opened their environments for testing by TPP as part of the implementation of the EU Payment Services Directive 2. Adam J. Kępa, VP and Head of Growth at ITMAGINATION talks on upcoming challenges for banks on – one of the most popular websites among bankers in Poland.

The ITMAGINATION system will predict consumer behavior “here and now”

At FinovateEurope 2019 in London, ITMAGINATION presented a platform based on the Behaviolytics® proprietary engine (CRM-online system), which analyzes consumers' activities and daily needs in real time. Read more about our innovation on - Polish technology news portal.

UX. How will applications be created in 2019?

Barbara Jura, UI Designer at ITMAGINATION describes key trends for design style and functionality of mobile applications creation in 2019 on, Polish Internet and marketing magazine.

Clothes are selling like mad, but companies have problems

Chain stores will not takcle the market challenges without advanced technology – comments Grzegorz Starościak, Data Team Manager at ITMAGINATION for Rzeczpospolita, Polish leading economic daily.

By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled by chatbots

[VIDEO] Will bots lead to a reduction in employment in the banking sector? Watch Adam J. Kępa, Head of Growth at ITMAGINATION answer this and other important questions for Puls Biznesu, the leading Polish business daily.

Will bots lead to a reduction in employment in the banking sector?

Are there areas where human beings cannot be replaced by machines? Find the answer in the latest interview with Adam J. Kępa, Head of Growth at ITMAGINATION on – one of the most popular websites among bankers in Poland.

Polish businesses will invest in these technologies in 2019

Marcin Dąbrowski, Chief Innovation Officer at ITMAGINATION forecasts the most important trends in the IT industry, to affect businesses over the next 12 months. Source:, website of the BANK monthly, banking and financial market magazine.

Polish customers were likely to spend two times more on electronic gifts for children than for adults

Find ITMAGINATION’s analysis on customers’ activity around Christmas time in electronic stores, both online and traditional from last two years on – one of the most popular Polish bussiness websites.