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Paweł Borowski

Board Member

At ITMAGINATION, we provide access to a highly skilled global workforce that can supply a wide array of services. Our outsourcing division specializes in nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing for global organizations by providing staff augmentation and advanced team leasing for global clients and local players alike.

Our consultants are multilingual experts who can support the entire software development life cycle (from analysis to maintenance). Depending on the challenges, ITMAGINATION can provide you with individual consultants (staff augmentation) as well as whole teams (team leasing). We work with clients from Western Europe and the United States providing a cost-effective, quality oriented and flexible Time & Material delivery model.

Our Outsourcing division is ready to help you by providing the following services:

With over a decade of experience in acquiring IT staff and delivering innovative solutions, we know how to provide qualified professionals to our clients. Our recruiters use their expert knowledge of the industry and job market to quickly find the right IT professionals. Every one of our candidates goes through a three-step verification process that typically weeds out over 60% of candidates. We take full responsibility for all formal requirements, including the hiring process, payroll, and other benefits available to consultants.

staff augmentation ICON

Leasing an employee or two is simple – you don’t need any specific knowledge or experience, just skilled people. The challenge begins when you need to combine skills in groups of 5 or more individuals and assign them to a project as a one team. Our mindset starts from the assumption that we do not have individual employees – everyone at ITMAGINATION knows how to thrive as part of a team and are trained in similar methodologies and tools. When it’s time to lease a team, our clients are getting a group of people who know each other and are comfortable working together.

team leasing

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