Onboarding new customers is the first step in the entire relationship. The onboarding process should be fast, seamless and as easy as possible, but in reality it is too difficult and time-consuming to use with customers that are likely to walk away. Customers want their first interaction with a company to be simple and require minimal data entry. We recommend digitizing paper-based processes, which reduces customer acquisition costs (CAC) and decreases average time to onboard a new customer, by implementing ITMAGINATION Digital Onboarding.

A digital bank knows its customers and communicates quickly and effectively with them, dealing with them on a highly individual basis and using data provided by what ITMAGINATION calls Behaviolytics® – a business concept that’s based on real-time data analysis and a sophisticated analytical platform.

Carsharing can be an ideal solution for individual and business customers alike. Whatever your needs, ITMAGINATION and 4Mobility will adapt to you and provide modern, flexible transportation that’s tailored to your current needs and capabilities.

CLIO is a unique, process-driven platform that helps financial organizations tackle their challenges by integrating and blending data to create a complete picture. CLIO provides full data governance support, provides for the regular testing of data quality based on defined control algorithms and reconciliations, and manages incidents related to data quality and implementing client-defined data quality KPIs.

The importance of data to a modern organization is no longer in doubt, but can there be too much of a good thing? What is there to do when there are simply too many sources of data for existing systems to handle? ITMAGINATION’s Data Acquisition Platform is the answer.

Today people have to use multiple platforms before they meet their needs in such areas as holidays, real estate, vehicles, entertainment and receive suitable financing offers. In fast paced world people expect short and intuitive process followed by an interesting and comprehensive offer that meets their expectations, is adapted to their habits, financial situation and is delivered on time. The answer to these needs is ITMAGINATION’s Digital Banking Platform that takes care of the customers in multiple areas. Based on Behaviolytics® - a real time data analytics of customer’s behavior, Digital Banking Platform provides an accurate action (NBA) or an offer (NBO) to fulfill customers’ needs and proposes appropriate financing options

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creates a new set of issues for businesses to deal with. ITMAGINATION’s solution is the Personal Data Protection (PDP) system, a scalable approach that’s attractive to both small businesses and large organizations with complex IT architecture.

In the world of globalization, where companies compete daily for new customers and requirements of the AML Directive are increasing - it is important to adjust business processes in order to optimally manage the AML risk of cooperation with business partners without blocking the bank’s growth opportunities.

ITMAGINATION KYC & Onboarding tool is based on the rule “Prevention is better than cure“. It implements a number of solutions aimed at strengthening the company's policy and activities in the area of counterparty risk assessment, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.

For a modern organization, data is more valuable than air. ITMAGINATION’s Modern Data Platform lets our clients easily plan and define information and data strategies, design bespoke modern data platform architectures for individual needs, and prepare roadmaps for the monetization of Big Data platforms.

Safety at workplace is important, especially on construction and production sites.  EHS (Environment, health and safety) must be everyone’s challenge. With SafetyApp every employee with a smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) can report an observation, including description, GPS coordinates, standardized categorization and photos. Also AR (Augmented Reality) can be used to point observation. Supervisor working on web based dashboard can act on the  risk and control further remedial tasks in a workflow engine.

Implementation of SafetyApp is proved to reduce number of incidents by 30%.

Scan&Try mobile application gives users an opportunity to make a purchase quickly and comfortably by scanning a price tag and receiving a credit plan in real time. Payment for the product is done through NFC virtual card or QR code generated within the app.

Scan&Try application can be integrated with bank or loan provider system and embedded into an existing mobile app.

Is it possible to create an innovative atmosphere in an institution that resists change? At ITMAGINATION, we not only believe that it is, but we’re confident that the answer lies in an innovation strategy that’s based on tools, processes, and methodologies that will help take your business to the next level.