Is it possible to create an innovative atmosphere in an institution that resists change? At ITMAGINATION, we not only believe that it is, but we’re confident that the answer lies in an innovation strategy that’s based on tools, processes, and methodologies that will help take your business to the next level.

Onboarding new customers is the first step in the entire relationship. The onboarding process should be fast, seamless and as easy as possible, but in reality it is too difficult and time-consuming to use with customers that are likely to walk away. Customers want their first interaction with a company to be simple and require minimal data entry. We recommend digitizing paper-based processes, which reduces customer acquisition costs (CAC) and decreases average time to onboard a new customer, by implementing ITMAGINATION Digital Onboarding.

Today people have to use multiple platforms before they meet their needs in such areas as holidays, real estate, vehicles, entertainment and receive suitable financing offers. In fast paced world people expect short and intuitive process followed by an interesting and comprehensive offer that meets their expectations, is adapted to their habits, financial situation and is delivered on time. The answer to these needs is ITMAGINATION’s Digital Banking Platform that takes care of the customers in multiple areas. Based on Behaviolytics® – a real time data analytics of customer’s behavior, Digital Banking Platform provides an accurate action (NBA) or an offer (NBO) to fulfill customers’ needs and proposes appropriate financing options.

A digital bank knows its customers and communicates quickly and effectively with them, dealing with them on a highly individual basis and using data provided by what ITMAGINATION calls Behaviolytics – a business concept that’s based on real-time data analysis and a sophisticated analytical platform. It’s aimed mainly at the financial, e-commerce, and telecommunication sectors, but it applies to any sector that involves frequent, regular user interaction with IT systems. Thanks to sophisticated analytical data, frontend systems can tailor their behavior to a changing customer context that is shared by all systems, allowing customers to move freely between channels. The goal of Behaviolytics is to create a reliable and individual model of customer behavior, so that the system can be a helpful assistant, taking care of customer finances and showing the best actions to be taken.

Maybe you live in the city and don’t need a car every day. Maybe you’re a small business owner who needs flexible transportation but can’t afford to maintain an entire fleet of cars. Carsharing can be an ideal solution for individual and business customers alike. Whatever your needs, ITMAGINATION and 4Mobility will adapt to you and provide modern, flexible transportation that’s tailored to your current needs and capabilities. To rent a car, all you need is a smartphone with the 4mobility app installed (and a valid driver’s license, of course). You register, choose a vehicle, and start driving without any deposits or obligations. You pay for your actual usage of the car and nothing more, and when you arrive at your destination, you can park in any of our designated spots or zones. The sophisticated backend system makes it all possible by managing the fleet, keeping users happy, and dealing swiftly and automatically with any challenges.

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creates a new set of issues for businesses to deal with – not only because of the risk of incurring financial penalties but also because of the need to implement multiple changes in business and IT processes. ITMAGINATION’s solution is the Personal Data Protection (PDP) system, a scalable approach that’s attractive to both small businesses and large organizations with complex IT architecture. We invite you to download a proposal for an audit of the compliance of your IT systems with GDPR requirements, and a description of the modules of the PDP system.

CLIO is a unique, process-driven platform that helps financial organizations tackle their challenges by integrating and blending data to create a complete picture. CLIO provides full data governance support, provides for the regular testing of data quality based on defined control algorithms and reconciliations, and manages incidents related to data quality and implementing client-defined data quality KPIs. It also provides migration and data integration and implements data flow processes, while easing data validation and reconciliation via a dedicated migration dashboard. CLIO shuts down legacy applications, retains access to historical data, optimizes the preservation of data, and ensures regulatory compliance, and it also generates automatic, on-demand reports while monitoring trends for selected KPIs.

The next few years will be important ones for the banking industry. Every day brings new technological breakthroughs, and the millennial generation, with its new attitudes towards technology, is making itself heard both as clients and as employees. Factor in low interest rates, a lack of expected economic growth, and the actions of regulators and deregulators (PSD2) and it becomes clear that fresh solutions are in order. ITMAGINATION proposes what we call the Digital Bank – a financial services company that operates in a 100% digital environment, supported by what we’ve identified as the four pillars of a digital bank – data management, a modern frontend, Cloud computing, and security.

The importance of data to a modern organization is no longer in doubt, but can there be too much of a good thing? What is there to do when there are simply too many sources of data for existing systems to handle? ITMAGINATION’s Data Acquisition Platform is the answer. It helps our clients get to the right decision faster by providing information about new entries that need mapping and allowing data to be mapped to common master data objects. What’s more, it transforms diverse sources into one common format and provides early data source validation that does not affect the BI loading process.

For a modern organization, data is more valuable than air. Decisions need to be made quickly and must be based on the most up-to-date information possible, and competitive advantage comes from unexpected, unconventional data sources and real-time action based on those sources. Data management needs to give a modern organization the ability to handle large volumes of data, leverage data within milliseconds of its creation, store and access historical data, easily create reports and dashboards, and maintain data security and compliance. ITMAGINATION’s Modern Data Platform lets our clients easily plan and define information and data strategies, design bespoke modern data platform architectures for individual needs, and prepare roadmaps for the monetization of Big Data platforms.

as a service

Is it possible to create the right climate for innovation in an institution that resists change? At ITMAGINATION, we not only believe that it is, but we’re confident that the answer lies in the concept of Innovation as a Service (IaaS). Simply put, IaaS means developing and deploying an innovation strategy with help of ITMAGINATION’s experts that’s based on tools, processes, and methodologies that will help take your business to the next level.

Large institutions are conservative by nature. They tend to:

Meanwhile, innovations:

Think of it as working in an agile “Startup Mode” – but without being or buying a startup. By doing so, you give your employees and your customers the best of both worlds – the freedom to break down barriers and think outside the box, but in a stable environment that’s supported by proven processes.